Affordable Housing
Westside Blvd & Fourth St, 
Hollister, California

New 32-unit low-income
apartment complex comprising
of 5 buildings on a 1-1/2 acre development zoned as
High-Density Residential Area
Photo of apartment complex
Photo of Gateway Palms complex at intersection view

Little River Dr, San Benito County, California
New 6,000 sq. ft. pool enclosure in pyramid shape
Exterior photo of Poolamid construction site
Casey Addition and Kitchen Remodel
Hollister, California
Remodel of existing kitchen and family room including addition of a study
Photo of Casey Kitchen completed

Cattran Residence
Hollister, California
New 3,500 sq.ft. custom home on a view lot at Ridgemark Golf & Country Club
Photo of the Cattran Residence completed
Heidmann Residence
Prundale, California
New Two-Story 3,100 sq.ft. Single-family home
Photo of Heidmann Residence completed

Sketch of apartment complex
Gateway Palms Sketch by David Huboi

Interior photo of Poolamid building, David Huboi pictured
Inventor, Architect Design
Local Poolamid

Aerial view of Cattran Residence Plans
Cattran Residence Plans